ZURICH (Switzerland) - More than 20 years ago Fernando Marcos soaked the Philippines nation and channeled moneys from economic aid to developing countries and Japanese Reparation to his personal bank account.

After the death of the dictator his widow, Imelda, kept the existence of the treasure a secret. Now the proof is in. 1,240 tons of Marcos gold worth about 25 billion Marks are stored in a duty free storage bin under the Zurich airport.

An unimationary amount. The money could fill an 80 sqm flat with 30cm high in one scoop (1 sqm = 1.196 yd, 1" = 2.5 cm).

The debt ridden state of the Philippines could pay the most urgent part of their debt.

The Marcos gold is from embezzeled Economic Aid to Developing Countries and the Japanese War Coffer (the loot from pillaged countries) which fell into the hands of Marcos after WWII.

After their flight to Hawaii in June, 1986, the Marcos clan took all their valuables with them. Left were only the outfits of the beauty Queen, Imelda Marcos, 1,200 pairs of shoes, designer clothing, ludicrous was a bullet proof brassier. But gold and diamonds vanished.

In 1989 Marcos died and since them Imelda is guardian of the treasure.

The government of Corina Aquino tried to bring back the Marcos billions into the country. Manila hired an Australian ex-CIA man, Reiner Jacobi. The treasure hunter whom the government offered 10% finders fee tracked down the precious metals. Walter Mitchel, the supervisor of the Zuricher Freilager, A.G. (storage chamber), told a private investigator, "We have 1,240 tons of gold which belong to the Marcoses".

The gold, according to information to the Austrian "NEWS", is listed under the name of "de Preux", a long time friend of the dictator.

So far, 605 million marks of the Marcoses has been detected and that account frozen. Small peanuts compared to the gold 'treasure'.

On account of Jacobi's knowledge the government of Manila wants to get the gold out of the reach of the widow of Marcos and have all funds frozen. Until now she had no financial problems, "we could stay in contact by phone; buying and selling, without any problems", says Mitchel.
25 Billion Imeldas Treasure Found

The legendary Gold-Bounty of the Marcos-clan lies in Zurich

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