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Welcome to The Southeast Asian Treasure Connection... the one and only web site that is totally dedicated to treasure, salvage and archaeology events in Southeast Asia. TSEATC hopes to keep you up-to-date with the latest treasure and archaeology discoveries and projects occurring in the Southeast Asia region. This includes the following countries (and surrounding areas); BANGLADESH, BRUNEI, CAMBODIA, CHINA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, MYANMAR, NEW GUINEA, PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, TAIWAN, THAILAND, and VIETNAM.

Our purpose will be to update and provide anyone interested with up-to-date news and information concerning land and sea treasures lost/found/hidden/being searched for in these areas. Let us not forget about the importance of archaeology. This topic shall also be included in treasure related news and discoveries. Without doing so would be an insult to all the treasure hunters/archaeologist's around the globe.


You may be asking yourself, "Why Southeast Asia?" Well, we'll tell you why. This region has been the hub of a prosperous maritime trading history for many centuries. Just about every type of exotic merchandise was traded here - gold, silver, porcelain, precious stones, and the spices for which the region was renowned. It attracted ships from as far away as Arabia, India, Europe, and the Americas. Though many of these ships sailed safely back to their home ports, others were doomed to sink to a watery grave with great loss of life and cargo.
Land treasures also flourish in the region. Why? Throughout the years, wars, sudden deaths, greed, smuggling, tax evading, etc., we could go on, but we think that you get the point. There were many reasons why a man or woman would want to hide his wealth (or, 'cache', as is known to treasure hunters). Oh, there are many hidden cache's out there, more than you could ever imagine. Of course, some of these cache's have been accidentally discovered by relatives, construction workers, etc., but most still remain hidden exactly where they were deposited many years ago.

If you are interested in information concerning buried World War II treasure in the Philippines - you have definitely come to the right place. You will find plenty of good information here regarding this subject as the Philippines is one particular Southeast Asian country which has attracted the interest of many individuals and Governments since the end of WWII and when the late President F. Marcos himself even 'confessed' that some of his wealth had come from so-called "Yamashita's Gold".

During WWII, (according to several historians and researchers) the Japanese Imperial Army systematically looted all the Southeast Asian countries of all their national treasures and shipped most of these looted treasures back to the Philippines and buried it there. There were "officially" over 172 sites throughout the Philippine archipelago, of which 34 of these treasure sites were "sea" sites. You can read more about these treasures
here. Hope you enjoy and good hunting to all of you!

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