These battles took place in Northern Luzon during the retaking of the Philippines by joint USA/Filipino forces. Luzon was invaded by US/Filipino forces on January 9th, 1945. Assults against Japanese mountain defenses on Luzon ended on August 15th, 1945, with the surrender of General Tomoyuki Yamashita along with 50,000 of his troops.

Above battles areas are as follows;

1) SAN FERNANDO (La Union Province).
2) MANKAYAN (Northern Benguet Province).
3) BESSANG PASS (Ilocos Sur Province, approximately 7.5 miles due-west of modern day town, Cervantes).
4) TANGADAN (Ilocos Sur Province).
5) DUGO-APARRI (North Cagayan Province).
6) TUGUEGARAO (South Cagayan Province).
7) MAYAOYAO (North Ifugao Province).
8) LOO VALLEY-TOCUCCAN (Benguet / Ifugao Province border, approximately 7 miles due-east of modern day town, Buguias).
9) PANUPDUPAN (Northwestern Nueva Vizcaya Province, approximately 2.5 miles due-west of modern day town, Ambaguio. Located on the eastern side of Mt. Pulog).
10) HAPID (Northern Nueva Vizcaya Province, possibly same location as modern day town, Solana).

NOTE: The above map was printed in 1945 by the National Geographic Society. Some towns or areas may no longer exist or be known as different names on modern day maps (and vise-versa).
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