1,800 gold bars were found by a TV camera crew from TV Asahi. one of Japan's key TV stations, in the mountains near Manila in the Philippines recently. The value of the gold bars in equivalent to $150 million. These gold bars had the 'Gold" mark in Japanese letters engraved on them.

The gold bars are considered to be part of the 'Yamashita Treasure' buried right before the defeat of the Japanese Army in the Philippines during World War II. Tomoyuki Yamashita was the General commanding the Japanese Army during the Pacific War which occupied the Philippines.

The local Filipinos buried these gold bars and handed them down from generation to generation. The TV Asahi camera crew asked specialists to examine the gold bars and they found that they were 90 to 95 percent gold with the rest being silver. The gold bars found contain more enigmatic elements and people's imaginations are expanding.
General Yamashita's Treasure Found
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